DPA Youth 2020 Finalisation

With the conclusion of the DPA 2020 Season having to be announced early due to covid-19 , 4 players have finished in the top 2 spots for the coveted positions at the PDC youth world Championships in November 2020 in the UK however like everything else these events are pending a return to sport in the United Kingdom

Should Travel be open to these players to travel to the United Kingdom and play the 2 players representing Australia at this event will be Brandon Weening and Vanessa James who qualifies ahead of Manny and Tremaine on number of events competed in the 2020 season

Brandon Weening 1st (qualified)
Vanessa James equal 2nd (qualified)
Manny Kato equal 2nd
Tremaine Gallagher equal 2nd

Congratulations to Both Brandon Weening and Vanessa James who makes a little bit of history as being the first female to represent Australia at a PDC World youth championship should the event proceed later this year and travel to the United Kingdom is permitted

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